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Kinect driven action game mapped on the building façade

Every may, Warsaw holds the Night of Museums event. My former university takes part in it on regular basis to present students project to the wide public. Each time a different theme is chosen and in 2015 it was Alice In Wonderland.

I gathered a group of friends and prepared a game displayed on the building façade, which could be played by attendants.


During the design process we identified main challenges and found appropriate solutions. Among them were:

Because the game was mapped on the building wall, we had to carefully design the layout. Main character and collectibles could not enter the windows area, because it would decrease visibility. Until the day before the event we didn’t know exact position of the projector and couldn’t predict positions of the buildings features. Because of that I based the game's layout on the fluid grid and refined it during the test the day before.

The game was a great success, especially among the children. Queues were enormous and excitement so high, that the game was one of the biggest attractions.

Background fragments
Technical aspects

Game was written in ActionScript 3.0 and it’s engine was designed from scratch. It had some serious disadvantages (app was leaking memory like crazy), but there were upsides too: I had full control of image quality, Kinect interface and performance. Last, but not least, I learned a lot.

Kinect may seem complicated to use, but in fact libraries for various programming languages and frameworks are widely available. In my situation I only read position of the torso which was transformed to one of the four possible character placements.

Alice character design
Lessons learned

If you want to play the game, I’ve prepared a Windows version controlled with keyboard. Enjoy!

Date:May 2015
Role:Project lead, game designer, programmer
Team:Wioletta Maleszyk (animator)
Siergiej Sokurenko (illustrator)
Download:Alice.exe (Windows)
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